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What You're Creating Matters



Warning: this is another one of THOSE talks we’re going to have together. You know, the ones where I tell you that what you’re doing matters, that you’re doing the right thing. That your struggles are not just your own but belong to a majority of people around you.

But if you’re at that point where you think you need to quit or take a break, by all means, do so. Your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health are more important than any battle you may think you’re facing at the moment. Take a breather, refresh yourself with the knowledge that your family and your God love you, and get back in there.



It’s currently December 21, 2021, as I’m writing this. You’re not reading it then, but trust me. It is.  It’s the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

This day is commonly referred to as the “Winter Solstice,” which, if you’re a D&D nerd like me, has some serious sorcerer-class vibes to it.*

This day may feel like an encapsulation of your last couple of years.

Short on light, long on darkness. 

Many of us have been feeling like we’ve been living in the longest night of the year for a long stretch. 

As a content creator, digital pastor, video editor, community manager, and more, I’m feeling that weight. I feel the emotions of a community of people. 

In your church tradition, I’m not sure if you celebrate Advent, but even if you don’t, you’ll understand this part:

Advent is about hope. It is a season of looking FORWARD to the salvation to come. In our case, it’s a time of looking FORWARD to the birth of the Messiah, who we would ultimately come to know as our King, Lord, and Savior, crucified and risen again.

Hear this today:

You’re doing the right thing.

You’re going the right way.

Every little thing you do to promote the name of Jesus the Christ in this world, every time you turn just a bit more towards the Kingdom, every word that you utter with love and grace and mercy attached to the heart of it.

All of these things and so much more that you’re attempting to do.


Everything you’re doing matters.

Everything that you are creating right now matters.

Every twist and turn, every scrape that you’re mentally getting in, every thought you’re having when it comes to pushing the message of Jesus forward MATTERS.


And everything that you’re dreaming up, even in short, hurried bursts, is something that can (and will) affect change for your ministry field.

It’s my privilege to be able to bring you content via blog posts, podcasts, videos, and more through that will be aimed at helping YOU continue to do things that matter.

Throughout this year, we’re going to be taking a look at HOW to take those inklings of ideas and content and transform them into full-fledged actions.

And then, at the very core, I’m going to help you find the WHY behind it.

Join me in my newest podcast, Breaking The Fifth Wall, as we really start to dive into communication, content creation, and concentration (I’m a pastor at heart, so I apologize for the alliteration) for a purpose. 

That purpose is the purpose you’ve been called to: for the good of the Kingdom of God.

I’m going to help you along the way.

Because I’ve been there. I’m there with you right now. 

In my next post, we’ll talk about finding your WHY, where inspiration comes from, and how you can truly hone in on your communication’s purpose.

Because the dark night does not last forever. And the world will eventually turn around and see the longest day of the year. And you’ll realize that all that you’ve been doing in these dark, short days will sprout with meaning, purpose, and clarity.


*Seriously, if you’ve never played D&D, just think wizards and Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and anything else that is “magic.”

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Andy Mage
Andy Mage

Andy is the Digital Pastor for Bay Hope Church, located in Tampa, FL. He was a worship pastor for 10 years before that, and can routinely be found drinking every single drop of coffee he sees. Andy lives in Odessa, FL, with his amazing wife and 3 amazing kids.

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