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Nine Blogs That Will Help Your Church (Online) Grow in 2019

As 2018 comes to a close, we look forward to the New Year. Let's make 2019 the year of Church Online, where we intentionally focus on expanding our circle of influence beyond the 20 miles surrounding our physical campuses. Here are nine blogs that can help you take intentional steps to grow your Church Online in 2019.
  1. NY Times Slams Internet Church, and They're Not Wrong
  2. Are You a Church Online? The Difference Between Digital Communications and Digital Missions
  3. Five Roles That Will Take Your Church Online to the Next Level
  4. I'm Not Saying Facebook Has Become the Titanic, But...
  5. Church. Heads Up. There's Only One Blockbuster Video Left in America.
  6. What My Mother Can Teach You About Online Small Groups
  7. How Church Online Impacted Multiple Generations of Churches on the Other Side of the Planet
  8. Five Ways Church Online Can Help You Launch Your Next Multisite or Church Plant
  9. Seven Things You Can Do to Improve Your Online Church Service

    BONUS: Well, we couldn't really cap it at nine, could we? Here's an additional two for churches who are just getting started in Church Online.
  10. Ten Things You Want Your Pastor to Know About Online Church
  11. Five Questions You Should Ask Before You Launch Your Church Online


Six Ways Chat Hosts Can Better Engage Church Online This Christmas
Nine Blogs That Will Help Your Church (Online) Grow in 2019

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Jeff Reed
Jeff Reed

With about 20 years experience serving the church in the digital/technological realm, Jeff loves working with churches. As passionate about Discipleship as he is Technology, Jeff uses his passion to help Churches develop technology systems to bring people far from God closer to him. Oh, and he loves Digital Church & Church Online.

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