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5 Online Ministry Insights from January 2024


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A new year brings tons of new opportunities. It also provides some great new resources and tools to help you minister to others online and digitally. With all that is happening, it can be hard to keep up with all the new digital and online ministry trends and happenings. That is where The Church Digital Podcast Network and Blogs comes in and helps. They strive to keep you updated on all the latest trends in social media, live stream, digital discipleship and all things online ministry so that you can minister and serve your online community more effectively. 

Here are 5 Online Ministry insights and lessons learned from some of the podcasts released on The Church Digital Podcast Network and the blog from January 2024


The Consumer Electric Show (CES) happens every year in January. It highlights new and advancements in tech that is being worked on and going to be released upcoming. A lot of the major tech brands are there. This year, there were a variety of advancements and updates. Here are the highlights and how they apply to your ministry today.  


VR and the Metaverse was very much talked about when Meta announced a huge investment in 2022. Not only did it create a lot of excitement in the business world, but it also created a new mission field for ministers. However, over the past year, that momentum and energy has wained. Despite this, ministry and life change is still happening. See why your Church should continue to invest in VR. 

There are lots of DIGITAL MINISTRY OPPORTUNITIES this Winter  

The winter months can sometimes mess up traditional ministry opportunities. After all, inclement weather can wreck havoc with the best of plans. However, with digital ministry, there are still lots of different opportunities to minister to your local and online community. See how in this blog post

Practical Anxiety that helps ALLEVIATE Anxiety

Many people struggle with anxiety. So, how can you overcome and alleviate it? Andy and Megan tackle the complexities of anxiety and its impact on daily life with some very practical help and insights. Check it out in this podcast.

AI is IMPACTING the Church

What do you get when you put 2 of the world's foremost Digital Church Futurists together? You get an amazing conversation about AI and the impact it is having on the Church and will continue to have. Jeff Reed and Kenny Jahng have a great conversation that you will surely want to listen to. 

What do you think? What are other online ministry insights you learned from this past month?  Share your ideas below or on social media.



What do you think? What else can you do digitally to show God's love to others around Valentine's Day?  Share your ideas below or on social media.

Through The Church Digitalwe are helping physical and digital churches better understand the discipleship process, and helping churches and church planters understand this and other decentralized mindset shifts. By taking this quick survey we can get you connect with a coach, resources and more. Also, check out our Facebook Group where we are encouraging people daily. 


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Tom Pounder
Tom Pounder

Tom Pounder was born and raised just outside of Washington, DC. He is the father of 4 daughters and loves being a girl dad. He has a background in Student Ministry working over 22 years with teenagers and currently serves as the Online Campus Pastor at New Life Christian Church in Chantilly, VA. He blogs and podcasts weekly at

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