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EP278: Kenny Jahng, Bacon, and What's Next in AI?



Exploring the Next Frontier: AI's Role in Church and Society

Next up on The Church Digital Podcast, we're bringing Kenny Jahng, AI Next director at Exponential Next. The latest episode, hosted by Jeff Reed, delved into the fascinating yet complex domain of artificial intelligence (AI) and its implications for the church.

Multimodal and AGI: The New Wave of AI

With the advent of multimodal AI, the ability to process and combine various forms of data, including text, images, and videos, is dramatically advancing. Beyond multimodal lies the concept of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI)—hyper-personalized AI capable of continuous learning and complex problem solving. While the potential benefits of AGI, such as democratizing education and improving societal infrastructures, are tantalizing, they come intertwined with ethical concerns and safety risks.

AGI: A Reality, Not a Hypothesis

Jahng points out that AGI isn't a distant fantasy but a current reality, with AI deciphering thoughts through MRI scans or manipulating Wi-Fi signals for surveillance. These examples underline the urgency for ethical discussions within the church as this technology could interpret human thoughts, bringing forth potential misuse.

AI's Impact on Church Leadership and Pastoral Care

Jahng and Reed tackle how AI can revolutionize church leadership and pastoral care. From crafting sermons that resonate deeply with congregations to enhancing personal connectivity, AI's role is likened to a seminary intern—beneficial as an assistant but necessitating faithful human oversight. Their conversation reveals a crucial need for balance: utilizing AI to augment human capabilities without straying from the core of spirituality and community.

The Digital Church: A Space for Worship and Discipleship

TCD emphasizes that embracing digital spaces and AI tools does not replace the traditional church but rather extends its reach. The podcast itself serves to prompt essential inquiries about making disciples in a digitally-driven world.

Conclusion: Reshaping Our Future Responsibly

As AI continues to reshape our perception of creativity and life, the church's response must be measured and deliberate. It is paramount that this technological evolution does not occur in isolation but involves broad community dialogue led by spiritual and moral guidance. While the prospect of AGI looms large and the transformative potential of AI is undeniable, the church's challenge remains to engage thoughtfully with these tools, ensuring they complement—rather than overshadow—our sacred spaces and human interactions.


00:00 Jeff's Intro and Robot Overlords.
10:09 Irony of "AI will take mundane jobs, sparking Renaissance."
18:01 AI should enhance, not replace human experiences.
23:54 Debating divinity and responsible use of technology.
29:38 Utilize AI for scripture interpretation and adaptation.
34:46 Can AI write better sermons than humans?
43:07 Practicing conversation scenarios fosters effective communication.
48:21 Pros: the democratization of education. Cons: ethics, safety, unpredictability
56:40 Urgency in awareness, hope and faith.


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Host: Jeff Reed
Founder, The Church Digital
Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // LinkedIn // YouTube

Guest: Kenny Jahng
Founder, AI for Church Leaders


  • Church Tech Today -
  • AI for Church Leaders -
  • How can artificial general intelligence (AGI) be ethically integrated into the church to benefit congregations without compromising human elements of worship and community?
  • How can AI potentially transform pastoral care, and what safeguards should be in place to ensure that such technology supports rather than replaces human pastoral relationships?
  • Given the possibility of AI writing sermons or enhancing sermon preparation, what should be the balance between utilizing AI-generated content and the unique insights of a human pastor?
  • Considering the humorous notion of enslavement by robot overlords, how do such exaggerated ideas reflect real concerns about AI, and how can they be addressed in a constructive manner?
  • With AI's ability to process and learn from vast amounts of data, including religious texts and sermons, what theological implications might arise from machines interpreting and teaching religious doctrine?
  • In what ways could the church's mission and outreach benefit from the use of AI, and how can the church ensure that the technology is used responsibly and in alignment with its core values?
  • How can the church foster open conversations and discussions within the community about the impact and implications of AI, both in service and in daily life, to ensure a collective understanding and prepared response?


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Jeff Reed

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Jeff Reed

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