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Mobilizing Spiritual Leadership & Influence in a time of Uncertainty


In this new season of uncertainty, one thing remains true. Jesus said in Matthew 16:18… I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. (ESV)

How we mobilize the men and women of spiritual influence and leadership in this time to continue building the Church is timely. In this blog, we are going to consider the role of Elders/Trustees, Executive Staff (if applicable) and Staff (paid and volunteer) and their unique roles in this time of transition.

Elders, Trustees, Board

For different churches the function of this group varies. What is true for them all is that the majority are volunteer and lay led. An intentional conversation should be had with this group early on in this season. Aside from strategy or direction, Elders/Board members should be asked to continue using their influence (see below for examples) for the well being of the church and should be asked to continue leading the way in their giving. I recognize that this makes the assumption that this group is currently giving. Pastor, this is a timely conversation to have; do it sooner than later.

Elder/Board volunteer voices in this season can assist the church in a variety of ways. Spiritual influence and leadership can serve as a supporting voice to the pastor in order to:

  • continue to speak truth and peace in time of perceived panic.
  • continue encouraging the church to participate in discipleship activities (local group meetings or online expressions.)
  • continue encouraging the church to engage in worship on Sunday through online gatherings.
  • continue encouraging the church to give, as they are continuing to give.

Volunteer Elder/Board voices in this season will assist to set the tone for the priority that the church remains in mission and in giving. Each of these can be applied to paid and volunteer staff, as well.


Our staff teams, paid or volunteer, also carry major leadership and influence in this season. We must rethink job descriptions and goals for this season. For churches that have a paid staff or high volunteer staff culture:

  • Consider readjusting your goals for this next season in light of your values and discipleship process. How do we accomplish these goals in this season? Which goals need to be changed? What goals need to be added?
  • Staff to volunteer check in; GO OLD SCHOOL IN A NEW WAY. Since our current programs have been put on hold, now is a great time to review your volunteer rosters or small group/Sunday school lists and schedule phone calls or video calls to do pastoral/ministry visits.
  • First time guest visits in the last 90 days. Look at your data and find out who these folks are. While some may not ever come back, they will all remember that in a time of panic, your church called to offer prayer, offer an invite to an online small group, and even an online church experience.
  • Ask everyone to utilize their personal social media outlets to promote all church online experiences and opportunities to connect.
  • Share what God is teaching you in this season; how God is teaching you trust at home, with your family, in the area of giving, in the area of work, etc.

COVID-19, above all, is changing and shaping culture. Churches, small and large, are uniquely positioned to CREATE CULTURE for their churches today for the future. If you have never thought through these concepts or want to process them together, I would be happy to jump on a zoom call and chat through the unique dynamics of your church and the opportunity ahead.

David Lopez
Pastor & Generosity Strategist
Cornerstone Miami Church & Generis


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About Author

David Lopez
David Lopez

J David Lopez is a co-vocational pastor and ministry leader. He is a Generosity Strategist guiding and assisting churches of all sizes and denominations in building cultures of generosity and stewardship through Generis. He serves as Lead Pastor at Cornerstone Miami Church providing direction, teaching, and leadership.

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