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In a tweet, Nona Jones and Pushpay clearly encapsulated an idea that I've been wrestling with for years.

Pastors, utilizing social media is vital to your church's ministry. From a marketing perspective, connecting with the sphere of influence your church has in your town or city is vital. For most of you, this is not a surprise.

Church, there's another untapped mission field we've yet to realize. Doing true "ministry" online is more than pushing people to your physical buildings for church services. In Matthew 28, Jesus didn't set up a model of ministry for "come and see", but "go and do." Online isn't just a powerful marketing tool inviting people to come and see, but a powerful ministry tool allowing us an opportunity to go to people and do discipleship.

Church, is it possible to disciple someone online? What does your church's discipleship process look like in an Online space? What is Online Discipleship anyway? 


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Thanks Nona, for pushing the limits of online discipleship, and thank you Pushpay for striving for innovation within the church.

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