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The Hybrid Disciple Returns for Season 2


SIDEKICK Hybrid Disciple

Ashley and Andy are BACK.

Get ready to unplug and recharge your faith (literally and figuratively) because The Hybrid Disciple is back!  Season 2 of your favorite podcast exploring the intersection of digital and physical discipleship premieres Tuesday, February 13th, and we can't wait to embark on this journey with you.

Remember how we told you were going to be bringing interviews with influencers in the faith, discipleship, and tech realm? Buckle up, because we're diving deeper into the complexities of navigating faith in a tech-driven world.

What can you expect in Season 2?

  • Engaging conversations: We'll be hosting thought-provoking discussions with diverse guests, from tech pastors and digital missionaries to mindfulness experts and social media gurus.
  • Real-life stories: Get inspired by individuals who are blending online and offline practices to create vibrant,meaningful faith experiences.
  • Practical tips and tools: No theory here! We'll equip you with actionable strategies to balance your digital and physical discipleship and foster deeper connections with yourself and your community.
  • Fresh perspectives: From exploring virtual reality prayer groups to examining the ethical implications of AI in faith communities, we'll challenge you to think outside the box about what it means to be a disciple in the 21st century.

Whether you're a digital native yearning for authentic connection or a seasoned churchgoer curious about the possibilities of technology, The Hybrid Disciple has something for you. Join us as we:

  • Reconcile the busyness of online life with the stillness of spiritual practice.
  • Discover the power of technology to connect, engage, and inspire.
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities of faith in a digital age.
  • Build a discipleship that nourishes your soul in both the online and offline world.

Mark your calendars, spread the word, and get ready to be challenged, inspired, and equipped to live your faith in a hybrid world.

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We can't wait to connect with you on this journey!

Have a burning question about digital discipleship? Share it in the comments below and we might address it in an upcoming episode!

Through The Church Digitalwe are helping physical and digital churches better understand the discipleship process, and helping churches and church planters understand this and other decentralized mindset shifts. By taking this quick survey we can get you connect with a coach, resources and more. Also, check out our Facebook Group where we are encouraging people daily. 


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About Author

Andy Mage
Andy Mage

Andy is the Digital Pastor for Bay Hope Church, located in Tampa, FL. He was a worship pastor for 10 years before that, and can routinely be found drinking every single drop of coffee he sees. Andy lives in Odessa, FL, with his amazing wife and 3 amazing kids.

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