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EP276: Bernie Mapili, Andy Mage, and The New "The Church Digital"



Embracing Digital Discipleship: The New Era of Church Digital Engagement

The New Frontier of the Digital Church:

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, The Church Digital Podcast's latest podcast, EP276 - "The New The Church Digital," featuring host Jeff Reed, has deeply explored digital discipleship's dynamics and role in modern ministry. The episode encapsulates a pivotal shift toward digital solutions for spiritual outreach, with conversations revolving around using digital spaces for evangelization, particularly in countries where physical evangelism encounters legal barriers.

Aquatic Leadership and Collaboration

A significant highlight of the podcast is the discussion on The Church Digital's rebranding and introducing new leadership with Bernie Mapili as CEO and Andy Mage as COO. Their focus on collaborative efforts, like the partnership with organizations such as NewThing and Gloo, points toward a broader vision of empowerment and innovation within the digital space. The episode paints a future brimming with synergistic relationships to bolster The Church Digital's presence and reach.

Creating a Movement System

Bernie and Jeff talk about the exciting developments at The Church Digital, including the Movement System, which is taking the popular disciple-making system into the digital realm. The Evolution of Leadership: As we witness the transformation of leadership roles within The Church Digital, the podcast provides a candid look at the personal challenges faced by Jeff Reed, which led to a redefined structure at the organization. The transition highlights the importance of resiliency, introspection, and the adaptive nature of leadership that aligns with the fast-paced changes of digital ministry.

The Power of Digital Community and Innovation

Tom Pounder and Andy Mage's contributions spotlight the innovative strides made within the digital ministry. Pounder's TCD Sidekick podcast addresses the critical role of online components in ministry, whereas Mage's 'From Text to Testimony' delves into pressing concerns like mental health within the digital paradigm. Jeff Reed's recognition of these works underscores the transformative power of digital platforms in providing valuable resources for spiritual guidance and support.

Superheroes of the Digital Space

In a lighter vein, the podcast participants discuss superhero tropes, drawing parallels between superhero team dynamics and the leadership group at The Church Digital. The discussion transitions to The Church Digital's internal team dynamics, humorously likened to the 'The Avengers,' suggesting diverse talents and a united front in digital mission work. The entertaining interplay serves as a metaphor for the collective strengths and unique skills each member brings to the table, ultimately forging a powerful team focused on digital missionary work.

Closing Thoughts

This episode of The Church Digital Podcast crafts a narrative that not only embraces the new ventures of The Church Digital but also celebrates the individuals who drive its mission forward. As we navigate the digital age, episodes like this remind us that regardless of challenges, the church's digital engagement continues to be a beacon for those seeking spiritual connection and discipleship in the digital domain.


00:00 Church digital future, new logo and website.
09:47 Unexpected connection leads to a deep bond.
13:40 The Church Digital representation, strengthen, lift others, entrepreneur.
17:38 Meeting Bernie in Florida, a surprising, cool experience.
24:38 Focused on discipleship, tools now ubiquitous. Partnership for discipleship in communities.
27:39 Missed church attendance improves with digital engagement.
32:12 Church reaching people digitally, expanding its reach.
37:38 Discussion about digital church network expansion and support.
44:52 Accepting grief as a part of moving on.
47:47 Building Avengers-type team of thought leaders.
54:41 Resource for digital missionaries and ministry support.
59:34 Podcast featuring ministry leaders discussing digital ministry.
01:07:58 Combining two organizations into The Church Digital.
01:08:52 Church planting dedication strengthened, digital discipleship emphasized.


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Host: Jeff Reed
Founder, The Church Digital
Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // LinkedIn // YouTube

Guest: Bernie Mapili
CEO, The Church Digital

Guest: Andy Mage
COO, The Church Digital, Host: From Text to Testimony

Guest: Tom Pounder
Digital Pastor, New Life Community Church, Host: TCD Sidekick


  • The Church Digital on YouTube -
  • In what ways do you think digital and online components can enhance traditional ministry practices, as discussed by Tom Pounder on his TCD Sidekick podcast?

  • Jeff Reed talks about the necessity of equipping leaders for digital missionary work. What do you feel are the essential skills or tools these digital missionaries need to be effective?

  • Considering The Church Digital's global approach and the plan to expand digital churches in countries with religious restrictions, what strategies can be effective in supporting digital evangelism in these areas?

  • "From Text to Testimony" aims to tackle complex issues such as mental health and provide practical tips. Why do you think it's important for digital ministries to address these topics, and how can they be a valuable resource?


    Jeff Reed, Bernie Mapili, and Andy Mage bring a diverse set of skills to The Church Digital's leadership. How does such a team diversity contribute to the organization's success and innovation?

  • What are your thoughts on the importance of personal wellbeing for church leaders, as highlighted by Jeff Reed's six-month break due to health and family challenges
  • The episode mentioned the formation of a leadership group to focus on digital outreach and ministry. Why is it important for digital ministries to form specialized teams, and how might they operate differently from traditional ministry teams?


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Jeff Reed

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