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BETA37: Creating a Digital Discipleship Pathway



We’ve got all these people, digitally? What are we supposed to do with them? If our churches really expect to exist digitally, then we need to be comfortable discipling people in digital space. What does a digital discipleship pathway look like? And how does a digital discipleship pathway operate compared to a physical discipleship pathway? Let’s start getting practical here on the BETA SHOW.

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Answering Your Questions: THE BETA SHOW

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Host: Jeff Reed
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  • Stadia Innovation Meetup - Multimodal Church & Insourcing/Leadership Development
  • Two solutions - Safe and Radical
  • What is a Discipleship Pathway? Process of taking someone far from God and bringing them closer to Him.
  • Rick Warren's Purpose Driven Church: Connect to God -> Others -> Serving -> On-Mission (example)
  • Why this won't work digitally?
    • 1. It's so hard to discover who these people are that are watching our online services. Church in Isolation is a reality digitally.
    • 2. Serving on Campus? Digital doesn't require near the volunteer footprint of physical.
    • 3. Getting people living on-mission n their community? Questions come up... How can I serve "locally" if people are distributed across the country?
  • Safe Answer: Shore up this basic process and make it digital-friendly. Key: This has to be about relationships.
    • Safe Answer Improvement #1: Above the funnel thinking to meet people before they come to church digitally.
      • 1. Use landing pages, social media, Youtube to gather information on people. (Note: CTAs are your friend.)
      • 2. Jump in Facebook Groups that are hyper-local to where your church community is, or groups that are hyper focused on your church's target audience. Build relationships.
      • 3. Perfect your content to convert (get names) on as many people as possible.
      • 4. Use all of this information to build relationships with people BEFORE they come to the church service online.
    • Safe Answer Improvement #2: Before church service and after church services, build relationships.
  • Church Service is losing effectiveness as the beginning of the discipleship pathway...
  • Radical Thought: Alan Hirsch - "I'd rather have 12 disciples rather than 1200 consumers..."
    • Jesus had similar feelings about this. Read John 6:66 or check out for deeper insight on this.
    • Greatest untapped resource in your church? The consumers sitting in your pews. Churches have phenomenal human resources.
  • Radical Thought: REDE - Recruit, Equip, Deploy, Encourage
    • Recruit people already in your physical and digital church.
    • Equip them with the Gospel using training systems like The Timothy Initiative, 4 Fields, DisciplesMade, or Zume Training.
      • Tip: Strength of digital is training/equipping.
    • Deploy them to reach their Oikos, their circle of influence physically or digitally.
    • Encourage them continually in their disciple-making, as they start recruiting others. (multiplication)
      • Effectiveness of a Discipleship Pathway? How well are our disciples making disciples. In this next ministry season, we must equip others.
      • How much money would the radical approach cost? Not a lot of technology in this. Some of these disciple-making systems are free/virtually free. Tech is a zoom account or an altar live setup.
  • Church Online works best not when the church does ministry, but when the church empowers others to do ministry.


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Love you all! Praying for your Churches and your Ministry Online.

Jeff Reed

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Jeff Reed
Jeff Reed

With about 20 years experience serving the church in the digital/technological realm, Jeff loves working with churches. As passionate about Discipleship as he is Technology, Jeff uses his passion to help Churches develop technology systems to bring people far from God closer to him. Oh, and he loves Digital Church & Church Online.

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