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16 YouTube Videos Your Church Can Do



"What do I even post on YouTube?" That is a common question Churches and ministries ask when they contemplate whether or not they should invest more time and energy into it as part of their digital ministry strategy. That is why most Churches just post their sermons and services on YouTube. While that is a start, it's just that...a start. There are so many other types of videos your Church can make for YouTube

 Here are sixteen videos your Church and do and post on YouTube:

  • Worship Music. People love to worship. And while there are always great versions of worship songs on YouTube from popular artists, they are not your worship band. Your band is something your Church is familiar with and they would love to sing along with your band. 
  • Acoustic Version of Worship Song. There can a great opportunity for your worship leader or even band could perform a worship song that everyone knows, but in an acoustic format. Some people may actually perform the acoustic format over the regular version. 
  • Introducing a New Worship Song. If you are getting ready to introduce a new worship song to your Church, record it prior to introducing it and share it so people can start getting familiar with the song before that Sunday.
  • A Devotional about a Worship Song. Every worship song has a meaning to it. Have your worship leader shit down and share about what the meaning is of that particular song and then he or she could even sing it afterwards acoustically. 
  • Sunday Morning Sermons. One of the most popular Church videos that get shared on YouTube is the Sunday morning sermons. Share it on YouTube after the service as an encouragement throughout the week. 
  • Long Form Devotionals. These 5+ minute devotionals are encouragement that can be shared throughout the week. The Senior Pastor, other ministry leaders or volunteers can do these and you can share them daily, weekly or however often you desire. You can format these devotionals any way you would like, but similar to a sermon, you want to hook your audience quickly, share your scripture and points, then conclude with an application. 
  • Short Form Devotionals. These are very similar to the long form devotionals except they are 60 seconds or less. And, that is key. They have to be 60 seconds or less or else YouTube will recognize them as longer form videos, thus eliminating the possibility of categorizing as a short form video. Also, different from the long form devotionals, you are making one simple point from a scripture reference with an application. The go quick so make them simple. Also, these can be simple devos made from your own smartphone with a tripod. These videos are recorded vertically. 
  • Children's Ministry Bible Stories. Here is where your Children's Minister or volunteer reads a story from the Bible or a Christian Children's book. Actually read the story and share it in a way that children can understand and relate to as well encourage children. 
  • Testimonials (What's Your Story). These are videos where a member of your Church shares how they came to know Christ. They don't have to be long, but ideally they want to share about what their life was like before they met Christ, how they met Christ and what their life has been like since the met Christ. 
  • Meet the Staff (Testimonials). This is a great chance to introduce your staff to the Church. And, it's a great way for them to share their story of how they came to know Christ and why the got into ministry. 
  • Volunteer Spotlights. Have a volunteer share about why they started volunteering and what they get the most out of when they serve. These can be great vision and volunteer recruitment videos. 
  • Discipleship Trainings. What must you do to be a follower of Christ, be baptized, how should you pray, read the Bible, and share your testimony are just some of the many different kinds of discipleship training videos you can do and share with your Church.  
  • Answer Questions. There are lots of questions people are asking about faith and life. Take those questions and answer them 
  • Church Specific FAQs. These are videos where you share what your Church is all about and why. It gives you a chance to go over your core values or why your Church started. These can be great vision videos to share. 
  • Church History. There is a lot of great history in the Church. Talk about it. Whether it was how the Bible was formed or what the Crusades were or about the Reformation. There is a lot of great moments in the Church and even some not so great moments. Take time to break it down for people and share about them.
  • Fun Videos. These could be parody videos, lip sync videos or something else entirely. You don't have to be just serious with your videos, you can have fun. But don't do it just to do it. Find videos that embrace your culture at your Church. 


There are so many different kinds of videos your Church or ministry can create. And, since Covid and the popularity of TikTok, these videos do not need to be highly produced. People want to hear real people sharing real stories in an authentic way. This list of sixteen videos are just the start of many your Church can do. What will you do today? 

What do you think? What are some other YouTube videos your Church can do?  Share your ideas below or on social media.

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Tom Pounder

Tom Pounder was born and raised just outside of Washington, DC. He is the father of 4 daughters and loves being a girl dad. He has a background in Student Ministry working over 22 years with teenagers and currently serves as the Online Campus Pastor at New Life Christian Church in Chantilly, VA. He blogs and podcasts weekly at

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