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The Importance of VR World Building in Ministry



Virtual reality (VR) world building refers to the process of creating and designing immersive 3D virtual environments that users can explore and interact with using a VR headset and controllers. These digital worlds can replicate real-world locations or construct entirely new, imaginative realms. The possibilities are endless for creating. That's what makes it a great opportunity for ministry.

In this episode of the Metaverse Ministry Podcast, Stuart sits down with VR Tiger of Oasis church VR, to talk about Oasis, and the importance of world building for VR ministry.

Interested in learning more about bringing your Church into VR? Reach out to Stuart HERE!

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About Author

Stuart McPherson
Stuart McPherson

Stuart McPherson is the VR Campus pastor at Lakeland Community Church in Lake Geneva, WI. He has been in ministry for 10 years doing everything from youth to adult ministry, and now digital ministry. Additionally, Stuart also is the host of the “Stu on This” Podcast and Co-host of the “Metaverse Church” podcast. You can find out more about Stuart at

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