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The Need to Know


In the time of Coronavirus, information flows readily. You can access the Internet, your social media platforms, or even a good old-fashioned newspaper and be bombarded with statistics and stories about how this pandemic has affected the lives of people across the globe.

While we may lament the constant information, we can also appreciate the value of knowing. Knowing makes a difference. Knowing matters. Even if it doesn’t change anything, most people feel it’s better to know than not to know.

While that feeling may or may not actually be true, it invariably is accurate in one area of life – the message of Jesus Christ. It is always true that knowing about the hope and love of Jesus is better than not knowing – it’s information worth sharing. People need to know.

But what about those people who have never heard? Those who don’t know the name of Jesus, who have never heard it cross the lips of another person?

For 500 million people in South Asia, that is exactly the case. In an area of the world where spreading the message of Jesus is punishable up to and including death, is it any surprise that it’s hard to spread the Good News?

And the needs in South Asia don’t stop with the spiritual. In the wake of the COVID crisis, recognition of the increased needs for public health education is at an all-time high, and as food availability decreases, it is the church who can speak into those situations.

All over South Asia, churches are reaching the community with the hope of Jesus by providing education, food, and resources to those who are in desperate need, both before and during this pandemic.

Stadia is proud to work with incredible organizations, partners, and planters both in the U.S. and across the globe, in places like South Asia, to make the message of Jesus Christ known. We know that the most effective way to reach those who don’t know Jesus is through the local church.

On May 5th, Giving Tuesday is hosting a Giving Tuesday Now event – because not even a pandemic will stop us from planting more churches! Will you join us and give generously so that people across the world can come to know and experience the love of Jesus?

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About Author

Josie Barton
Josie Barton

Josie Barton is an aspiring writer and speaker living in Baltimore, MD. In 2013, Josie was on the launch team for a church plant called The Foundry, and her experience in helping start that church gave birth to a career. Now functioning as Director of Marketing for Stadia Church Planting, she spends her days supporting the work of pastors, all in pursuit of helping plant 1,000 new churches in the next three years. When not writing, speaking, or working, Josie is chasing her three sons around the house or hanging out with her husband, Trevor. Born out of a season of burnout and depression, the Still Hephzibah handle is a reminder that even in our bleakest, darkest moments, God delights in us. You can read more at

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