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The [C]hurch is Virtually Winning


Have you ever wondered why there are so many churches? I mean, if we are all supposed to be on the same mission, to make disciples of all peoples, why does it seem like there is one on every street corner?

The reality is every single one of us has a different need (or want), that we want met. Some of us like traditional church music, others of us like a rock show. We love a little haze and praise. Some have a huge heart to meet the need of the homeless community and the widows and orphans. Others have a desire to impact the men of their community, believing that if they could just reach the husbands and fathers, the family unit as a whole would be better off and won over for Jesus.

Just like your local coffee shop has many drink options on their menu, the global Church has many different options to choose from, and God even calls many Pastors to start a specific type of church in their community to reach a certain type of people based on their needs.

So, one would think with so many different types of churches out there, Christianity should be gaining ground on reaching the lost. However, many researches show that Christianity is in decline, especially in the United States, and primarily amongst the millennials. As a millennial myself, one reason for this centers around the idea that the local church seems to be more focused on expanding their [k]ingdom territory rather than expanding God’s [K]ingdom. The lack of Church unity is leading to many leaving the church, and it can leave one feeling like the Church is losing.

However, I want to highlight one area where I see the church winning, and keep in mind, the Church will never truly lose. Not even the gates of Hell can stop God’s Church. But, I have been encouraged to see how the Church is working together to advance God’s kingdom in the Metaverse. I have witnessed churches from all kinds of denominational backgrounds and worship styles work together to help each other launch a Metaverse church or an expression of their in real life church in the metaverse all for the sake of reaching the lost. Lives are being changed for eternity because the [C]hurch is working together and winning in the virtual space because they are moving as one body.

The Church is beautifully diverse because God’s people are beautifully divers. That’s why when the Church works together, we are unstoppable in what we can achieve for the Kingdom of God, and why the Church is plundering Hell and populating Heaven in the Metaverse.

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Stuart McPherson
Stuart McPherson

Stuart McPherson is the VR Campus pastor at Lakeland Community Church in Lake Geneva, WI. He has been in ministry for 10 years doing everything from youth to adult ministry, and now digital ministry. Additionally, Stuart also is the host of the “Stu on This” Podcast and Co-host of the “Metaverse Church” podcast. You can find out more about Stuart at

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