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How to Train and Equip Your Online Ministry Volunteers



In the Church there are lots of different ways you can serve. And, with Online Ministry options, there are even more of a variety of options. However, just because someone is comfortable using technology and has the passion to serve in this area doesn't mean they automatically know how to effectively serve in the different roles. Proper training is key to equipping your digital volunteers for online ministry excellence.

So what can you do? How can you train and equip them? Here are some things you can do. 

  1. Create documentation. What is it that every volunteer position needs to know? Put it together in a document so that you can give it to your volunteers   
  2. Cast vision. Share with your volunteers the vision of the ministry. Let them know that they are not just merely doing a job. It is a ministry. Cast the vision that their role is vital to people coming to know Jesus as savior. 
  3. Walk through the components. Start with the basics and make sure you go through all the components of what it means to serve. Each position has something different about it so make sure you go over all the components of the role. Make sure it is hands on training, too. Don't just tell them what they will be doing. Show them and let them get their hands dirty and feet wet. 
  4. Share tips. As you are walking through the components of the position, make sure you share tips and encouragement of what will help them as they serve.
  5. Role play scenarios. Run through common situations each position will encounter.. These are both the good scenarios and bad situations. Run through them all and help them walk through the different scenarios so that they will know how to handle them when they encounter them in real time.
  6. Keep revising training documents. After you've run through everything, keep revising the training documentation so it is up-to-date on all the new or updated material or resources for the positions. 
  7. Provide consistent training. This is vital for digital volunteers to gain confidence and competence. By continually equipping your team, you can maintain high standards of excellence.


Just like very ministry position, the volunteer needs proper training and equipping to be successful. Above are 7 different things you can do. Take time to work through your processes so that you best prepare the volunteers to be fully equipped as soon as possible. The more you can do that, the more successful they will be at helping your Church reach your digital and online audience. 

What do you think? What are other ways you can train and equip the volunteers in your online ministry?  Share your ideas below or on social media.

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Tom Pounder
Tom Pounder

Tom Pounder was born and raised just outside of Washington, DC. He is the father of 4 daughters and loves being a girl dad. He has a background in Student Ministry working over 22 years with teenagers and currently serves as the Online Campus Pastor at New Life Christian Church in Chantilly, VA. He blogs and podcasts weekly at

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