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New to VR? Here's How to Get Started


Note from Jeff: There has been lots of questions recently from Churches interested in exploring Virtual Reality, but aren't really sure how to get started. The nice people/avatars over at VR Church has built this simple guide to help churches get a feel of what Virtual Reality Churches really is.

The following guide will help you experience VR Church.


Confusion exists about which VR equipment to use because many VR headsets line the store shelves. However, not all headsets represent a true VR experience.

Our general recommendation is that anything by Oculus is a good option. The Oculus Go is a great way to get started in VR. However, we highly recommend the Oculus Quest. It’s worth paying the extra money. The Oculus Quest is the best mobile VR experience to date. (Yes, we tried it and loved it.)

For you hardcore gamers and technologists who want the best VR experience, we recommend the Oculus Rift S or the Valve Index. Take note that you will need a powerful computer with a good graphics card for the Rift and Index.


Welcome to the metaverse.


Although we have churches in many metaverses (VRChat, RecRoom, AltspaceVR), we recommend first time visitors come to the church experience in AltspaceVR, a social VR platform. If you have never experienced social VR, you are about to embark on an adventure. You will meet people from all over the world in a dynamic environment with many worlds to explore.

Before visiting VR Church in AltspaceVR, take time to create an account, customize your avatar, and complete the tutorial. Following these steps will provide a solid experience for your first time in church.

Click HERE to download AltspaceVR.

(Although we highly recommend using a VR headset, please note that AltspaceVR has a 2-D mode for the PC and an Android app for non-VR users.)


Meet friendly people from all over the world.


We are so excited you made it this far! Look for our events on Sunday in the events section of AltspaceVR. We also have multiple VR Life Groups that meet during the week that we post on our Discord channel. Join our Discord server by clicking HERE. This is a great way to stay connected with the life of the church outside of VR.

Finally, if you are completely lost and would like a personal guide, please contact us on Discord and ask for a VR Church Host. They will guide you all along the way.

For more specific information about our gatherings, please see the “Experiences” section of our website.

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About Author

DJ Soto
DJ Soto

Bishop & Apostle at VR Church. Believing that faith is renewed as people engage with the good news of God’s love on new technology platforms, D.J. Soto began preaching in the world of virtual reality in 2016. He is now the lead pastor of Virtual Reality Church, a church that is intended to be radically inclusive and consistent with Christianity’s long history of adapting to new forms of media. VR Church is the first church to exist entirely in virtual reality. Before VR Church, D.J. received a BA in Theology in 2000, gained experience as a high school computer and music teacher, worked as a photojournalist in broadcast television, and launched a multi-site campus for a mega-church in Pennsylvania. In 2016, DJ and his wife, Kari, created a new apostolic ministry to pioneer new churches across America in unusual places. Originally thinking they would plant physical churches, they soon realized a new vision to plant churches in virtual reality. DJ and Kari have five children, and they travel to spread the vision about faith in VR.

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