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I had the opportunity to be on another podcast this week, talking about a fun topic for me... What does it look like to do Church Online specifically for Kids? What started out of a interesting topic in a Facebook Group turned into the beginning of a conversation via podcast.

My kids (currently 10 & 8) watch the same content over, and over, and over again. If I watch one more episode of Dog with a Blog... Church, consider developing a Kids Ministry that reaches kids more than just that one hour on Sunday. Create and distribute content that kids can tap into all week, not just Sunday morning. What better opportunity to help kids grow deeper in their faith. Not to mention, when my daughter wakes up at 4am, I'd rather her grab her iPad and watch Church Online for Kids than watch Dog with a Blog...

Check out the podcast on YM Sidekick, and thanks to Tom Pounder of Digital Bootcamp for hosting. Also, shout out to good friend Bobby Shaw from Austin Ridge to discuss the Online Ministry from Kids (and Students) perspective.

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