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We're SO back, and boy, do we have some soul-stirring conversations lined up for you. Let's dive into what's cookin' in Episode 1!

5 Keys You'll Unlock This Episode:

  1. **Influencer Insight**: Andy and Ashley dig deep into the role of influencers in shaping discipleship journeys and the symbiotic dance of influence. It's a real eye-opener!
  2. **Divine Content Creation**: Ever wondered how to craft messages that resonate? We share how God orchestrates our creativity and helps you navigate your own spiritual guidance system.
  3. **Listening to the Lord**: Ashely recounts a heart-to-heart she had with Tommy that'll teach you the priceless virtue of obedience over obsessing with online vanity metrics.
  4. **Building Bridges**: Hear a touching tale about how an unexpected encounter with a trans individual at Dutch Bros led to an honest discussion about the church and acceptance.
  5. **Digital-First Discipleship**: Discover how my company "Twelve" is spearheading a digital revolution to unite churches into a thriving online-and-offline community.

**Fun Fact**: Did you know Ashley is rallying a network of pastors representing the big twelve cities in the U.S.? Guest preachers and ministry spotlights are on the horizon to create alternative in-person community vibes!

**Call to Action**: Don't be shy; be a part of our growing family! Hit that Like button, drop us a comment, and share Episode 1 of The Hybrid Disciple far and wide. Remember, even if it doesn't snag all the likes, your share could be the beacon of hope someone needs today. Let's make Season 2 ripple out with positive impact, one episode at a time!

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Andy Mage
Andy Mage

Andy is the Digital Pastor for Bay Hope Church, located in Tampa, FL. He was a worship pastor for 10 years before that, and can routinely be found drinking every single drop of coffee he sees. Andy lives in Odessa, FL, with his amazing wife and 3 amazing kids.

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