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Your Bricks Are Not Your Church


I'm stuck.
I admit it.
I'm told I need to get past this point.
Yet I can't.

Let's pause here for a second, and briefly unpack this:
Church isn't a building. Church is a people.
I agree with, yes. You likely do, as well.

But if we agree with this, why do we struggle with Church Online?
House churches?

Our buildings, our bricks, are a lid.
They hold us back.
They limit the Gospel spreading.

We've spent like 15 to 20 years figuring out why in the world God would plant the church on the wrong side of town on a dead end street. We realize that's cause it doesn't matter where the church building is because we are the church.

Tyler Samson - The Church Digital Podcast EP018

First Capital has done something unusual.
They've moved the Gospel outside their bricks.
They're all over Corydon, Indiana.
They've discipled their attenders to the point they can BE THE CHURCH in their city.

Volunteers are becoming
The pastors, shepherding,
Passionately caring for people.
They're beyond consuming content.

Pastor, your building is a lid.
Church Online lifts the lid.
Discipleship is an opportunity to spread your church
Across your city.

Every Sunday, there are people in your pews
Who, like Church Anywhere, can represent the Gospel
To people in your city.
Disciple them. Empower them. Release them.

Like Church Anywhere
Your church can exist outside your building
Creating expressions of Church.
Reaching your city.

Just realize,
Your bricks are not your church.

PODCAST 018: Randy Kirk, Church Anywhere, & Not My Kingdom
Humility Before God Defeats My Anxiousness

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Jeff Reed
Jeff Reed

With about 20 years experience serving the church in the digital/technological realm, Jeff loves working with churches. As passionate about Discipleship as he is Technology, Jeff uses his passion to help Churches develop technology systems to bring people far from God closer to him. Oh, and he loves Digital Church & Church Online.

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