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How to Repurpose Your Old Lessons and Sermons


old lessons and sermons

What do you do after you share a message or sermon? Do you just hit "delete" on your computer, throw away the hard copy and it's gone forever? Or do you use them again? In today's online world the great news is that you can take your old lessons or sermons and repurpose them. You can use them again in different settings, including, digital or online formats.

 Before you get started on repurposing your old lessons or messages for new settings, you have to first update them. Here are 3 things you can do with your "old" lessons, messages and sermons to make it effective today.

  1. Review and evaluate.  When you find an older message or lesson you want to use again, review it and evaluate where you need make changes. After all, there is probably some outdated information on that older lesson that needs to be updated. For instance, maybe you share a stat that is a little bit older now. Look up a more updated state.
  2. Update the illustrations. Just like outdated information, sometimes you have an illustration that you used in an older message that may be outdated now.  Take some time to look for new illustrations or stories you can use to give it a fresh, updated feel.
  3. Update the Bible passage.  Review all the Bible verses and passages you used and, if necessary, find a different passage to use.  

In general you are looking to make your lesson relevant for today's audience.  As stated above, If you have been in ministry a long time the chances are you have great content in an older lesson. It just needs to be updated in different ways. 

So, where you can you use them? How can you repurpose your old lessons or sermons in different content forms? Here are a few different ways:

  • Share it as a lesson for a life group or smaller group setting.
  • Use the lesson and record an audio podcast or make a video where you can share it digitally.
  • Turn the lesson into a blog post and share it as a devotional
  • Make it a series of social media posts encouraging people. You can take separate points and share it throughout the week. 

Just because you have an older lesson doesn't mean that it is irrelevant today. You can use the same lesson, just in a different content format or setting that will help you reach more people for Christ and encourage them in their faith. 

What do you think?  What are other ways you can repurpose your old lessons and sermons?  Share your ideas below or on social media.

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Tom Pounder
Tom Pounder

Tom Pounder was born and raised just outside of Washington, DC. He is the father of 4 daughters and loves being a girl dad. He has a background in Student Ministry working over 22 years with teenagers and currently serves as the Online Campus Pastor at New Life Christian Church in Chantilly, VA. He blogs and podcasts weekly at

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