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4 Reasons Why Fantasy Football is a Perfect Fall Phygital Ministry Opportunity


SIDEKICK Fantasy Football

As summer transitions into fall, a unique opportunity for ministry leaders and believers arrives every year. That is the start of fantasy football season. Yes, fantasy football has become increasingly popular, not just with guys but with women, as well. And, the best part of it whether you are.a big Church or a small Church, there are people who can and will play with you. It's a great ministry opportunity that combines in person and with digital that can be used to build community and disciple others. 

Here are 4 reasons why it is the perfect fall phygital ministry opportunity:

Millions are Already Playing

Fantasy football is really popular with millions of people playing it every year. It is very common for people to play in 2, 3 or even more leagues each year. Because of this, it provides a great ministry opportunity for you to gather 10+ other people to play. They could be people from your Church or people outside of your Church. In fact, it could be first step to introduce people to Christianity by inviting them into a league with other Christians. After all, it more than likely participate in a fantasy football league as a first step than attend a Church service. If a ministry leader starts a league, it could lead to a great ministry opportunity throughout the year.

It Provides a Year-Round Connection

Football season is mainly a fall season activity. However, just like sports season, they are no longer confined to just a 3-4 month period of time and then forgotten about. Football news happens year round. Because of that, fantasy football activity can be year round, as well. You can do fun activities and meet ups with other members of the league and build real relationships and connection throughout the year. However, not only can and should do in person gatherings with the league members, by using digital tools, you can stay connected and keep up engagement all year long.

Digital Tools Increase Engagement 

In our daily life, people use their phones and other digital tools to catch up and connect with others. Your fantasy football league can do the same thing. You can create a Discord channel, text group or Facebook group that will enable people to chat throughout the year, not just during the season. From these daily interactions you can build real camaraderie and it could provide opportunities for you to minister and disciples those in your league. 

Opportunity to model Christ

The popularity of fantasy football provides people an opportunity to connect with people they wouldn't normally connect with. And it's a great opportunity for Christians and ministry leaders a great chance to connect with people we might not interact with otherwise. Thus it gives non-believers a chance to see how Christians and ministry leaders interact outside of a religious setting. It provides believers a chance to break down barriers and model Christ to those who may not have a lot of interactions with Christians. If a ministry leader or believer starts a fantasy football league and doesn't use it as an opportunity to model Christ and share the love of Jesus with others, it is a missed opportunity. 


Fantasy football provides an enjoyable way for people to connect through friendly competition. And, it is a great ministry opportunity as it provides ministry leaders and believers a great opportunity to make new friends, model Christ and disciple others. Start a league this year, model Christ in your daily interactions and see how God uses it.  

What do you think?  What has been your experiences with fantasy football? How has you seen God work in this unique ministry opportunity?  Share your ideas below or on social media.

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Tom Pounder

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