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EP287 - Innovating for Impact: Jeff Reed looks at Digital Church Movements



Exploring Tradition and Innovation in Church Movements: TCD's Vision of Digital Discipleship

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Digital Innovation: Reshaping Church Movements

Jeff Reed's recent commentary on the evolving face of church movements underscores the delicate balance between traditional church values and the cutting-edge approaches needed in today's digital era. As Jeff eloquently puts it, the early churches found strength and momentum not in physical buildings, but in the power of being sent out like seeds—spreading their message far and wide.

The Desire for Legacy versus Disciple Multiplication

Jeff urges us to shift our success metrics from the desire for legacy to the impactful work of disciple multiplication. Taking a cue from historical figures like William Carey, he emphasizes the potency of small, invested groups in generating significant religious reformation without reliance on established institutions or substantial funding.

Digital Discipleship and the 'Screw It' Mentality

With an ever-increasing digital congregation, Jeff challenges digital pastors to adopt a 'screw it' mentality—leading change rather than seeking perpetual approval. By embracing the pioneering spirit, digital church movements can thrive amidst the shifting landscapes of hybrid faith communities.

Advocating for Digital Ministry

The podcast episode highlights the growing need to evangelize and disciple through digital means. As physical churches recognize the value of hybrid models, there remains a crucial need to bridge the gap to comprehensive digital discipleship.

Embracing the Digital Ministry Opportunity

TCD's upcoming relaunch, slated for April 5, reflects an organization-wide embrace of a digital church model based on connection, community, discipleship, and multiplication. Jeff's vision for TCD involves more collaborative leadership, promising future revelations that could significantly reshape the organization's structure and strategy.

In conclusion, TCD's take on church movements is a clarion call to both digital and physical churches to innovate, embrace digital platforms, and persist in disciple-making despite obstacles. Jeff articulates a transformative path in which the ethos of the first Jerusalem church—planting seeds for future growth rather than building static monuments—can inspire a new era of digital-enabled ministry.


  • 00:00 Digital acceptance in ministry has improved significantly.
  • 05:00 Digital discipleship controversy continues, shifting perspectives.
  • 07:30 Church streaming, emotional, seeking opinions, impactful digital space.
  • 13:47 Ignored advice, got fired, learned from it.
  • 18:49 Church digital connections, building relationships, social media.
  • 21:01 Utilize engagement to build trust and community.
  • 27:37 Empower the kingdom with available opportunities, movements’ impact.
  • 32:13 Consider impact, legacy, and mentorship in digital church.
  • 35:09 William Carey's controversial discipleship approach in 1750.
  • 37:06 William Carey revitalized evangelism by investing in 20 men.
  • 41:49 Encourage pressing on, reach people digitally.
  • 44:42 Church digital relaunches, leads to organizational shifts.


Host: Jeff Reed
Founder, The Church Digital


  • Steve Addison's Acts & The Movement of God -
  • How do the principles of the early Church of Jerusalem apply to the modern digital church movement, and how can we implement a similar mentality of discipleship and mentorship in the digital age?
  • Considering the story of William Carey, how can today's church leaders engage in a disciple-making approach that prioritizes individual investment over building a traditional legacy?
  • After discussing the proposed framework for digital churches (connection, community, discipleship, and multiplication), which aspect do you believe is the most challenging to implement in a digital context, and why?
  • Jeff Reed talks about trust being essential for building community in hybrid and online church settings. How can churches foster trust and engagement among online visitors to encourage deeper community involvement?
  • Can you share an experience or an example that parallels Jeff's story about the woman finding Christ in virtual reality, and what can we learn from it for our digital ministry efforts?
  • Jeff Reed's meeting with Steve Addison highlighted insights into historical church movements. How do these movements inform the strategies and approaches of the modern church, particularly in the digital realm?
  • With most churches now considering themselves hybrid and engaging in some level of streaming, how has this shift impacted the traditional church ministry, and what stories of adaptation or decline have you observed or experienced?


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Jeff Reed

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Jeff Reed
Jeff Reed

With about 20 years experience serving the church in the digital/technological realm, Jeff loves working with churches. As passionate about Discipleship as he is Technology, Jeff uses his passion to help Churches develop technology systems to bring people far from God closer to him. Oh, and he loves Digital Church & Church Online.

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