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EP277: Dan Tebo & A Dissertation on Digital Church



Digital Discipleship: The Exponential Potential of Innovative Ministry

In TCD's latest episode, EP277 - Dr Dan Tebo & A Dissertation on Digital Church, we delve into an ocean of insights that stood out as a beacon of illumination for the modern church. Jeff Reed, the host, and Dr. Dan Tebo, the guest, engage in a profound dialogue about digital discipleship and its innate potential for transformative growth.

Realizing Missed Opportunities in Disciple Making

A glance back to 2008 reveals a pivotal moment where the church could have embraced disciple making over mere discipleship—a decision that could have catalyzed exponential growth. Jeff Reed reminisces this past opportunity, setting the stage for a discussion steeped in what could have been and what now can be in leveraging digital ministry.

The Gratification of Intentionality in Digital Reach

Dr. Tebo extends gratitude to those who have molded the contours of digital discipleship, underscoring the fruitfulness of intentional communication online. His fond acknowledgment not only praises past efforts but also lays down the aspiration for Christ-centered digital growth.

Anticipating Future Dialogues and Strategic Mergers

Closing the conversation was not just a ceremonial end but an anticipation of future discourses and strategic mergers, marking the juncture of Dr. Tebo's visionary move to bring DCN under the umbrella of the Church Digital—a momentous stride towards a unified digital ministry effort.

The Importance of Multi-Faceted Digital Tools

Dr. Tebo’s emphasis on meeting people where they are digitally speaks volumes about his approach to ministry. By favoring varied digital tools, he stands unwavering against the current of one-size-fits-all solutions and supports fluidity and vastness in reaching out through the digital realm.

Dan's Journey in Academia and Law Enforcement

Interlacing the discourse is Dan's remarkable narrative—a tale that traverses the spheres of academia, law enforcement, and digital ministry. His dual roles somehow merge to serve a higher calling, one that resonates throughout the conversation's turns and tides.

Landing the Plane

In summation, EP277 with Dr. Dan Tebo unravels the marvels of digital ministry, setting a benchmark for future endeavors in the realm of digital discipleship, and posits the transformative capabilities of the church when it dares to step into the digital world with intention and courage.


00:00 Jeff's Intro: Excitement for digital discipleship
04:52 PhD in Christian leadership with digital discipleship.
09:44 Dan's shift focus to digital ministry, law enforcement.
14:18 Applying investigative skills to digital church network.
18:13 Digital discipleship impacted Dan's life positively.
22:44 Digital connection for intentional and impactful relationships.
24:39 Churches need to step up digital discipleship.
27:17 Digital discipleship empowers growth and contribution.
32:03 Digital space driving resurgence of global church.
38:52 Remaining open-handed, serving without focusing on budgets.
40:58 Digital church leader questionnaire reveals insights. Unique research on digital discipleship methods.
44:30 Leadership, focus, innovation, micro to macro, metrics.
50:33 Patience, fear of the unknown and training.
52:39 Church rejected disciple-making approach, missed exponential growth.
54:47 Wrapping Up: Merging DCN into The Church Digital


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Host: Jeff Reed
Founder, The Church Digital
Twitter // Facebook // Instagram // LinkedIn // YouTube

Guest: Dr Dan Tebo
Pastor, Servant Warrior Church


  • Dr Dan Tebo's Dissertation: A Grounded Theory Study of Digital Discipleship Methods for Effectiveness in the Phygital Church -
  • Dan Tebo & Dr Steve Lowe on the TCD Podcast -
  • The Church Digital on YouTube - 
  • Why do you think fear, time requirements, and a lack of digital engagement skills create resistance within the physical church toward digital discipleship?

  • What alternative metrics could be used to evaluate the effectiveness of digital discipleship that move beyond traditional analytics such as vanity metrics?

  • How does Dr. Dan Tebo's background in law enforcement uniquely position him to discuss the challenges and opportunities for digital discipleship within that community?

  • In what ways does Dan Tebo propose integrating the principles he learned from academic research on digital church networks into traditional brick-and-mortar church practices?

  • How can a church transition from a traditional framework to one that is more akin to the Servant Warrior Church's model, focusing on intentional relationships and adaptability?

  • Discuss the five main tenets of digital discipleship derived from Dan Tebo’s research. How might these tenets shape future strategies for churches looking to expand their digital ministry?


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Jeff Reed

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Jeff Reed

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