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Church Engaging on TikTok to Reach People


TikTok is one of the latest crazes in social media. Kids and students have flocked to it for non-stop entertainment, and hilarious shareable content. The question that is on many minds in the Church is, “How can churches leverage this new platform to reach people?” After all, if leveraged properly, you have the potential to connect with your community and have fun while doing it. Since the beginning of the quarantine, generations have been able to connect through doing TikTok dance challenges over the past few weeks. Kids, Parents, and Grandparents have been enjoying the fun and creativity of shooting these videos together. 

People would rather follow a person than a brand.

While it’s great that you may want to utilize church branding on TikTok, it’s better to connect with people. This isn’t about becoming an influencer, but it’s about personalities shining through and leveraging that to promote your content in new and interesting ways. So feel free to have fun and be yourself. (within reason)

TikTok is for creativity and sharing.

TikTok has become a place for fun and creativity. TikTok is not known for politics or news. It’s known for comedy and dance videos. Oh, and don’t knock the dance challenges until you’ve done one. Plus, taking part in different challenges has the potential to expand your reach in TikTok. 

The limitations on video length (4 15-second clips = 1 minute of maximum content) actually improve the creativity capabilities. Long form videos struggle for retention with audiences. You can get lost down a TikTok rabbit hole a lot faster because the videos are so short.

Repurpose content for other platforms.

Save the content to your phone and repost on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can leverage your TikTok content in many places. You can have a schedule of content you make, and leverage on all channels. You can link your Instagram and YouTube in your accounts for better promotion as well.

Here are some useful accounts you can follow for some ideas: Bay Hope Community Church, Elevation YTH, and CF Students. Have fun, be creative, and reach more people.



FullSizeRender-1Coauthored by Katerina Perez
Katerina is an Associate Student Director at Christ Fellowship. Born and raised in Miami, she enjoys heading to art museums in Wynwood, consuming too many iced vanilla oat milk lattes, and anything that has to do with fashion.


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Rey DeArmas
Rey DeArmas

Rey is the Online Pastor at Christ Fellowship Miami. He's married to his wonderful wife, Lauren, and they have two beautiful little girls. He loves cheering for the Miami Heat, sipping Cuban coffee, and binging Marvel movies on Disney+.

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