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How to Encourage End-of-the-Year Giving at Your Church


SIDEKICK Year End Giving

The holiday season is upon us, which means the end of the year is fast approaching. For many churches, this is one of the most crucial times for fundraising and collecting year-end donations. As parishioners reflect on the past year and look ahead to the new one, it's the perfect opportunity for churches to encourage generosity and giving back.

Here are some tips for churches on how to inspire end of year contributions:

Highlight the Good Your Church is Doing

Your Church does great stuff all throughout the year. That is why it is important to remind people of all the good works your church has done over the past year. Remind them of the impact they are having by giving sacrificially to the Church and how your Church is doing good with it.  Share specific stories and testimonies about the lives changed and the good that is happening. This will inspire continued giving.

Set Specific Giving Goals 

Rather than just asking for just general donations, set tangible financial goals for end of year giving. This could be aiming to raise a certain amount to fund a new program, purchase needed equipment, support an upcoming mission trip, etc. When people can see exactly where their dollars will go, they're more likely to give.

Offer Year-End Matching Opportunities

When people see that not only will their giving help, but that it can be doubled by a matching offer, that inspires generosity even more. Encourage extra generosity by offering to match all gifts received before December 31st, up to a specified amount. This creates a sense of urgency and allows donors to double their impact.

Provide Alternative Ways to Give

In addition to asking for just cash donations, provide other options like stock transfers, IRA charitable rollovers, or gifts of property. This allows people to give gifts of assets.

Send Year-End Giving Statements 

Mail or email year-end giving statements to update people and families on their contributions to date. Include a pledge card they can fill out to make an end of year gift. This will serve as a reminder and make it easy for them to commit.

Host a Giving Gala or Event

Encourage generosity by throwing a special event for your Church and your community to rally around. You can have a elegant dinner gala and silent auction. Or you can even have a simple spgatehtti dinner and charity event. You can charge admission and encourage further donations.  

Make it About Spiritual Growth

Giving a spiritual act of worship. As. you share about end of year giving, remind people that giving is a way to grow spiritually. It is an act of sacrifice and generosity. It's important to not use this as a way to manipulate people that if they do this they will grow in their faith automatically. Rather, encourage them to give as a way to stretch them in their faith. 


With some creative thinking and planning, your churches can make the most out of end of year giving and generosity. Make sure you personalize your approach based on the people who attend your Church and what motivates them to give. The holidays are the perfect time for people to give back. Prayerfully go before God and ask Him to guide you and the people in your Church. 

What do you think? What are other ways you can encourage end-of-the-year giving at your Church this year?  Share your ideas below or on social media.

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Tom Pounder

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