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5 Tips for Incorporating Live Video in Your Social Media Plan


Video, Video, Video! You’ve heard it - Video is the king of content on social media. So how do you start to incorporate video into your social media plan? Here are five tips!

  1. Start Small - Add one video per month to your plan, then, try a weekly video. Don’t get overwhelmed or set yourself up with an expectation that you can’t carry on.

  2. Don’t Record Live at First - If you (or your pastor) are timid about being on camera or concerned about being ‘live’, take the videos on your phone first and then upload as a video on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t worry about the one minute limit on Instagram because you can load the video into IGTV.

  3. Set Reminders - If you plan to go live, set reminders in your calendar or phone roughly 15 minutes before you plan to go live. This time will allow you to get to your perfect spot and walk through what you want to say.

  4. Find Good Lighting - If your office is dark and dim, head outside! Test out a few locations with quick videos and ask for feedback from someone else to see which location is the best for your video recording.

  5. Don’t Overthink It - Live videos are just that LIVE! They might not be perfect, you might say the wrong thing - just pause and correct yourself. Be human and move on!

Here’s a good example of a Wednesday Live video from my church in Tampa. Pastor Matthew goes live like clockwork every Wednesday around noon. Sometimes he brings a scripture, sometimes he talks about upcoming events, sometimes he is on vacation and he still hops on to talk with our viewers!

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Jessica Spivey
Jessica Spivey

Jessica started in the social media world by blogging about her running journey, but quickly found that her skills could be used to help small businesses build strong digital relationships with their customers. She began working as Social Media Coordinator at Bay Hope Church in 2017 and found a love for telling the story of her church online. She now manages a team of social media professionals that assist small businesses tell their story online.

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