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5 Social Media Posts That Your Church Should Be Sharing


Creating meaningful social media posts for your church can feel like such a daunting task, but being intentional and taking the time to plan your content will create a much more meaningful experience for your audience!

  1. What is God Up To - “Publish his glorious deeds among the nations. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does.” - Psalm 96:3. Share photos from a recent event, share a story from a mission trip, share a personal story of an attender that was impacted by your church, or other ‘glory sighting’. Use your social media as a space to tell the stories that you might not have time or space in a Sunday morning service to share.
  2. Meet The Staff - Tell us about their family, their hobbies, or how they got into ministry. This is your chance to introduce your congregation to staff that doesn’t appear on stage as often. Parents often see their child’s bible school teacher or youth leader for a few minutes before and after service, but they would love to get to know them better - they are caring for and teaching their children.
  3. Volunteer Spotlight - This post is two fold! First, the post introduces your attendees to the volunteers that serve and challenges them to get involved. It is perfectly ok to introduce a volunteer and end the post with “Join them in Kid’s Ministry - email Suzie to get involved.” Give them a call to action! The second amazing benefit is it shows value to your volunteer - these people work hours and will feel so valued and special by being featured on the social media accounts! It helps if you can tag them or share it with them once it is posted live.
  4. Sermon Quote or Video Clip - Take a memorable or challenging quote and provide it to your audience during the week - in text form or a bonus if you can share a video clip from the service. Whether they attended your service over the weekend or not, this could be a great mid-week check for them to realign their week with Jesus.
  5. A Mid-Week Live Video - This can be done by your pastor or other key person. Provide an encouraging word to those that may need a ‘pick-me-up’. Preview the weekend message and challenge people to invite someone new with them. Or you could highlight an event that your church is hosting! There are so many options for this type of video and it’s a bonus that video plays so well in the algorithms.
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About Author

Jessica Spivey
Jessica Spivey

Jessica started in the social media world by blogging about her running journey, but quickly found that her skills could be used to help small businesses build strong digital relationships with their customers. She began working as Social Media Coordinator at Bay Hope Church in 2017 and found a love for telling the story of her church online. She now manages a team of social media professionals that assist small businesses tell their story online.

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