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3 Reasons Why Online Groups are Great for Your Church


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Whether they have been called Life Groups, Small Groups, Community Groups, Discipleship Groups or something else, these groups have been a key component to helping people discover God in a community.  

While these groups are important, up until a few years ago, these groups were only held in-person. And that is fine because, of a variety of reasons. However, one of them was because technology wasn't great until the last few years. Then, COVID hit and everyone had to improve their technology for people to stay connected.

And while many Churches have started to adopt 

3 Reasons Why

  1. Increased Accessibility. Online groups tear down geographic barriers, allowing people from all over to participate. This is really helpful for people who are sick or who live out of town. Normally they would not be able to participate in one of these groups, but now, with the online option, they can. It's also helpful for those with limited mobility, transportation challenges, or unconventional schedules. No longer do people have to be physically present to be part and enjoy the benefits of being part of one of these group. This opens up new opportunities for connection and discipleship.
  2. Comfort and Convenience. Many people feel more at ease engaging from the comfort of their own homes. Being part of an online group requires no commute, no getting ready, and no public exposure for those who are shy or anxious in group settings. And, if you have small families, it provides you an opportunity to not have to drag your children to different homes during and around the evening hours (also known as the witching hour - bedtime). The low-pressure virtual environment may appeal to those who have been reluctant to be part of in-person groups.
  3. Leverage Technology. Churches can leverage popular video conferencing and online community platforms to host their groups. Many of these tools are user-friendly, inexpensive or free, and feature helpful options like screen sharing, chat sidebars, breakout rooms, and recording capabilities. Using tech that people are already familiar with minimizes barriers to participation. And yes, because of going through the Covid pandemic years ago, the older generations are very comfortable with video conferencing other other tech tools.


As churches come up with different and creative strategies to make disciples, online groups provide an innovative way to do that. They encourage spiritual growth, build relationships, and expand reach to people far beyond your local community. With the right leadership and best practices, these online discipleship gatherings have tremendous potential for your Church and believers. 

What do you think? What other reasons why online groups are great for your Church?  Share your ideas below or on social media.

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Tom Pounder
Tom Pounder

Tom Pounder was born and raised just outside of Washington, DC. He is the father of 4 daughters and loves being a girl dad. He has a background in Student Ministry working over 22 years with teenagers and currently serves as the Online Campus Pastor at New Life Christian Church in Chantilly, VA. He blogs and podcasts weekly at

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